• We’re a group of software developers based in Colorado, and we built JoinOurLine.com to keep communities and businesses safe during COVID-19. We’re all in this together and created technology to help.

    Social Distancing made safer.

  • Flatten the curve.

    Support the places and people you love. Get in line—the safe way.

    Social Distancing

    Wait without worry.

    Wait safely in the comfort of your vehicle, and keep yourself, and others, safe. Enter a virtual line on your cell phone and head on in when it’s greenlight-go



    Economic Impact for everyone

    We're all in this together.

    Support the businesses you depend on and help them recover faster. The places we love can open sooner by demonstrating a controlled approach to social distancing. Multiple entrances? No problem, we have that covered too.

    Get in, Get Out, Stay Well.

    No pressure, no app, no problem.

    Join the line from your phone. Our digital tally counter will tell you when it’s safe to enter. No app to install, no account to create, no password to remember. Easy for essential businesses to configure and administer based on square footage.

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  • Pricing


    per store / per month

    for locations with 50 or less capacity


    for single location businesses



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